2016/17 AESHL Entry Draft #1 Results

Fourteen players were selected in the first AESHL Player Draft on October 6, 2016. The HGOE Ceebee Stars used their first pick to select goaltender A.J. Whiffen who last played for the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts of the CWSHL. The remaining selections were as follows:

Round 1
1. A.J. Whiffen (HGOE Ceebee Stars)
2. Matthew Jenkins (Bell Island)
3. Brandon Street (Bell Island)*
4. Doug O'Brien (St. John's)
5. Jordan Kennedy (Northeast)

Round 2
1. Chad Thompson (Bell Island)**
2. Morgan Warren (Bell Island)
3. Bradyn Brown (Southern Shore)
4. Ben Crowell (St. John's)
5. Brandon Kalbfleisch (Northeast)

Round 3
1. James Blair (HGOE Ceebee Stars)***
2. Michael Roberts (Bell Island)
3. Jessie Beaudoin (Southern Shore)
4. Johnny Neil (St. John's)
5. PASS (Northeast)

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