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New winning ticket # from Nov 23, 2013 50/50 draw
As we have previously announced and posted the November 23, 2013 50/50 prize was not claimed. Now that 60 days have passed, we have drawn a new number from the tickets from that game.
Our NEW winning number is 05897.
Please call Don at 596 2573 to claim your prize.

We have drawn another number for the Nov 23rd Draw.
The new and Final # NEW number 06229.
Please call Don at 596 2573 to claim your prize.

[2014-03-12 19:09:40] 

Information on Ticket Sales for Game 3, Friday night at SW Moores
Tickets for Friday night, Game 3 between your Eastlink CeeBee Stars and the Mount Pearl HJ Bartlett Blades will go on sale as follows:

Tuesday and Wednesday for sponsors and Hot Seat Holders
10am- Noon and 1-5pm

Thursday And Friday for General Public
10am - Noon and 1-5

Tickets will be available at the stadium office.

[2014-02-18 11:03:33] 

Biggest game of the season coming up Saturday Night! Let's FILL the BARN!!!
Ok Eastlink CeeBee Stars FANS...hold on to your seats, we are in for the ride of the 2013-14 season!

After a SWEEP of the Caribous last weekend, and After being awarding the TWO Points from the unfinished Western Royals / CeeBees game (!!!!!!) we now sit just ONE POINT behind the HJ Bartlett Electric Mount Pearl Blades!!!

One regular season game remains and there's TWO points on the line. Could not be more dramatic! But drama has panned out for us before!!!

Come on fans ...

We need you to FILL the barn! We need you to be loud!!
We need you to haul out all the red, white and Blue you own, scarves , jerseys , face paint SIGNS!!!
We need you to Raise the Roof!

We are CeeBees Proud and these Two points would give us home ice advantage for the playoff series with the Blades!!
AND we know what #AdvantageSWMoores means!!
Like it, share it, call your friends.

In the loudest voice possible ... GO! CEEBEES! GO!


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[2014-02-03 07:59:26] 

New hours for Tickets sales for Eastlink CeeBee Stars - 7 days a week
The Eastlink CeeBee Stars are pleased to partner with the SW Moores Memorial Stadium Staff to offer ticket sales for fans 7 days a week (on the weeks on home games) including 5 opportunities to purchase in the early evening. Of course, tickets for hot seat holders will be held for your convenience and can be purchsed during any of these times.

Tickets will be sold out of the stadium canteen.
Thanks for your suggestions and support!
Go! CeeBees! Go!

4 8pm
4 8pm
2 8pm
2 8pm
4 8pm
10am - 4pm
10am 12 Noon

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Season Scoring
Player GP G A PTS
Jordon Escott23112536
Colin Feehan2281321
Mike Dyke2361420
Matt Bragg1871017
Ray Dalton238513
Ben Duffy65712
David Ling64711
Matthew Quinn95611
Tyler Gale233811
Chad Earle14617